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Double Glazing fitted into your existing Timber Joinery.

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Aluminium Insert Windows with Double Glazing are Installed into your existing Timber Window Frames.

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Double Glazing fitted into your existing Aluminium Joinery.

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Timber Windows

What We Do:

We use your existing timber joinery and there is generally no need to replace your existing timber sashes and doors with new, as our installation method strengthens the existing timber joinery ensuring the additional weight of the double glazing is compensated for. Only where sashes and doors are rotten and can't be repaired are they replaced.

The old hinges are generally replaced with stainless steel hinges, and any other window or door hardware is reused. We can even suggest modifications to your windows which could offer improved usage of your view. External timber beading is used in place of putty which will give a more secure fit and even appearance.  Note: Putty + Double glazed unit = Failed Double glazing.

Colonial bars, double hung windows and the like can all be retained keeping the original look and character of your home. In most cases the only difference you will see is the double glazing. 

How We Do It:

Most joinery "opening and fixed sashes" are removed from the timber frames and taken back to our workshop to have the old glass removed "de-glazed" and the groove that the glass sits in "rebate" made larger.

This is a messy and loud process and is best done away from your property to contain any mess. So no dust, prolonged noise or unhappy neighbours.

The double glazing is then installed into the timber joinery and is then returned to site and installed. Any fixed framing joinery is done onsite and usually requires little or no enlargement of the groove "rebate" the glass sits in.


Aluminium Inserts

What We Do:

We use your existing timber framing.

The opening and non-opening sashes are removed permanently from the timber window frame. This is a good time to change the layout of your windows, and this can be done by removing any transoms and mullions from the timber window frame.

Transom - Is a horizontal bar, or a crosspiece separating two sashes.

Mullion - Is a vertical bar separating two sashes.

The insert aluminium windows are then installed into the primed timber frame. Sealing of frames and any remaining glass is fitted to complete the frame install . Existing flashing around the timber framing aren't interfered with in this process.

How We Do It:

On acceptance of the quote the aluminium insert windows will be made to your specifications. Between the ordering of the materials till they're ready to install could be between three to five weeks depending on production schedules.

Once windows are ready to be installed you will be contacted and a installation date agreed.

On the installation date we will arrive with the windows ready to be installed. We will remove the existing sashes and make any modifications to the timber framing and then fully install the window before moving onto any other windows in order to ensure the house isn't exposed to the weather.


Aluminium Joinery

What We Do:

We use your existing aluminium framing by replacing parts of the aluminium joinery and in most cases the only difference you will see is the double glazing.

Double glazing with aluminium joinery gives the opportunity to open up the view at the same time by removing some of the existing mullions and transoms to allow larger double glazed panels to be installed.

How We Do It:

Fixed Windows

Windows that don’t open will have the existing clip on aluminium exterior strip "beading" and glass carefully removed. Then the groove that the glass sits in "rebate" and drainage will both be checked and cleaned. The rubber on the inside of the room "butterfly rubber" will be replaced if required. The new double glazing will be installed and new beading and rubber to hold the glass in place "wedge rubber" will be used.


Sash Windows

Windows that do open, in most cases due the groove that the glass sits in "rebate" only being able to accommodate a single glazed panel are completely replaced with new opening window "sashes". These are made to suit a double glazed unit and come with new arms which keep the window open "stays" and new handles, which are generally double tongued type.


Sliding & Hinged Doors

Where they are unable to be double glazed due to the aluminium extrusion only being able to accommodate single glazed panels. An aluminium adaptor which fits into the single glaze extrusion could be used which then allows the double glazing to be installed. The other option is to replace the door leaf completely.


Roof & Sky Lights

Depending on design can also be double glazed.


All New Aluminium Joinery

Is colour matched as close as possible to your existing joinery colour.


Covering Wellington Central CBD and suburbs, Te Aro Valley, Mt Victoria, Mt Cook, Brooklyn, Kelburn, Karori, Thorndon, Wadestown, Newtown, Island Bay, Rongotai, Mirimar, Seatoun, Strathmore, Lower Hutt, Naenae, Silverstream, Upper Hutt, Petone, Johnsonville, Newlands, Churton Park, Tawa, Porirua, Titahi Bay, Whitby, Plimmerton, Pukerua Bay, Paekakariki, Waikanae, Otaki & Masterton.

If you don't see your area stated, please enquire as we are open to other locations and may be able to assist.



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