Retro Double Glazing Into Timber Joinery.


What We Do.

We use your existing timber joinery and there is generally no need to replace your existing timber sashes and doors with new, as our installation method strengthens the existing timber joinery ensuring the additional weight of the double glazing is compensated for. Only where sashes and doors are rotten and can't be repaired are they replaced.

The old hinges are generally replaced with stainless steel hinges, and any other window or door hardware is reused.

We can even suggest modifications to your windows which could offer improved usage of your view.

External timber beading is used in place of putty which will give a more secure fit and even appearance. Note: Putty + Double glazed unit = Failed Double glazing.

Colonial bars, double hung windows and the like can all be retained keeping the original look and character of your home.

In most cases the only difference you will see is the double glazing. 



How We Do It.

Most joinery "opening and fixed sashes" are removed from the timber frames and taken back to our workshop to have the old glass removed "de-glazed" and the groove that the glass sits in "rebate" made larger.

“This is a messy and loud process and is best done away from your property to contain any mess. So no dust, prolonged noise or unhappy neighbours.”

The double glazing is then installed into the timber joinery and is then returned to site and installed.

Any fixed framing joinery is done onsite and usually requires little or no enlargement of the groove "rebate" the glass sits in.



Benefits Of Our Process.

20mm thick Insulating Glass Units (IGU). Can be glazed into standard 43mm timber joinery, larger IGUs in fixed panel joinery.

Weather tight finish. Eliminating water ingress and eliminating the need for unsightly drainage holes which require the owner to maintain. Just keep painted like the rest of your house

Robust and long lasting installation. Only quality beadings, sealants and stainless nails used. As per the glass suppliers specifications.

Strengthens up timber joinery once sealant has fully cured and eliminates sash creep which can occur with other installation processes, causing opening windows to twist and jam. Sealant is paintable and also acts as an extra seal to the double glazed unit.

Keeps the existing look of your timber windows. Doesn’t use unsightly bulky beadings, foam tapes or loose fitting gaskets which expose your joinery to water resulting in rot.




Frequently Asked Questions.

Read our frequently asked questions regarding retro double glazing into timber joinery.


Quoting Process.

The first step to double glazing your home is to provide you with a quote.

Either Rene or Dave will visit your home and discuss your requirements.

During this visit, your windows and doors are measured to ensure an accurate quote can be given.

The existing frames are inspected to check for suitability for the new double glazing.

We will then go away and produce a detailed quotation which itemises out each individual room, window or total house lot, how ever you require it broken down, We will then either Email, Post or present your written quotation in person.

Once the quotation is accepted, we then schedule your work, order materials and then request a deposit two weeks prior to the scheduled installation date.

Installation Time.

All sash windows will be removed from your property and taken back to our workshop to be machined. This process will take a couple of days, which allows for a larger rebate to be routed out and the double glazing to be installed. While they are away we will board up your window with plywood and tape up any air gaps that are present.

Doors are double glazed same day as these are treated as must happen same day.  

All fixed windows (non-sashes) will be installed on-site frame by frame. We will remove the old glass, prep the frame, and install the double glazed unit in one session. Your fixed frames will not require boarding up.



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