Wellington Retro Double Glazing Aluminum Joinery

Retro Double Glazing Into Aluminium Joinery.


What We Do.

We use your existing aluminium framing by replacing parts of the aluminium joinery and in most cases the only difference you will see is the double glazing.  



How We Do It.

Fixed windows

Windows that don’t open will have the existing clip on aluminium exterior strip "beading" and glass carefully removed. Then the groove that the glass sits in "rebate" and drainage will both be checked and cleaned. The rubber on the inside of the room "butterfly rubber" will be replaced if required. The new double glazing will be installed and new beading and rubber to hold the glass in place "wedge rubber" will be used.

Sash windows

Windows that do open, in most cases due the groove that the glass sits in "rebate" only being able to accommodate a single glazed panel are completely replaced with new opening window "sashes". These are made to suit a double glazed unit and come with new arms which keep the window open "stays" and new handles, which are generally double tongued type.

Sliding and hinged doors

Where they are unable to be double glazed due to the aluminium extrusion only being able to accommodate single glazed panels. An aluminium adaptor which fits into the single glaze extrusion could be used which then allows the double glazing to be installed. The other option is to replace the door leaf completely.

Roof lights

Depending on design can also be double glazed.

All new aluminium joinery

Is colour matched as close as possible to your existing joinery colour.





Frequently Asked Questions.

Read our frequently asked questions regarding retro fitting double glazing into aluminium joinery


Quoting Process.

The first step to double glazing your home is to provide you with a quote.

Either Rene or Dave will visit your home and discuss your requirements.

During this visit, your windows and doors are measured to ensure an accurate quote can be given.

The existing frames are inspected to check for suitability for the new double glazing.

We will then go away and produce a detailed quotation which itemises out each individual room, window or total house lot, how ever you require it broken down, We will then either Email, Post or present your written quotation in person.

Once the quotation is accepted, we then schedule your work, order materials and then request a deposit two weeks prior to the scheduled installation date.

Installation Time.

A typical house will require approximately three or four full days on site, but also depends on size of panes, access to windows and types of windows, doors and roof lights being fitted. We only remove the glass we are about to replace so your home will always be left safe and secure at the end of each day.



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