Wellington Retro Double Glazing Aluminum Inserts into Timber Joinery

Retro Double Glazing Aluminium Inserts Into Timber Joinery.


What We Do.

We use your existing timber framing.

The opening and non-opening sashes are removed permanently from the timber window frame.

This is a good time to change the layout of your windows, and this can be done by removing any transoms and mullions from the timber window frame.

Transom - Is a horizontal bar, or a crosspiece separating two sashes.

Mullion - Is a vertical bar separating two sashes.

The insert aluminium windows are then installed into the primed timber frame. Sealing of frames and any remaining glass is fitted to complete the frame install . Existing flashing around the timber framing aren't interfered with in this process.

Timber Window - Prior Modifications.

 Timber Window - Post Modifications.


How We Do It.

On acceptance of the quote the aluminium insert windows will be made to your specifications. Between the ordering of the materials till they're ready to install could be between three to five weeks depending on production schedules.

Once windows are ready to be installed you will be contacted and a installation date agreed.

On the installation date we will arrive with the windows ready to be installed. We will remove the existing sashes and make any modifications to the timber framing and then fully install the window before moving onto any other windows in order to ensure the house isn't exposed to the weather.





Frequently Asked Questions.

Read our frequently asked questions regarding double glazing using aluminium insert windows.


Quoting Process.

The first step to double glazing your home is to provide you with a quote.

Either Rene or Dave will visit your home and discuss your requirements.

During this visit, your windows are measured to ensure an accurate quote can be given.

The existing frames are inspected to check for suitability for the new aluminium insert windows.

We will then go away and produce a detailed quotation which itemises out each individual room, window or total house lot, how ever you require it broken down, We will then either Email, Post or present your written quotation in person.

Once the quotation is accepted, we then schedule your work, order materials and then request a deposit two weeks prior to the scheduled installation date.

Installation Time.

Depending on how many windows are being replaced, and how big they may be, could take from a few hours to a few days to complete. Once we know what you want done, we can then give you a time frame.



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