Is your Shower Glass Stained and Hard to Clean, and Keep Clean?

"Have us come and Restore the Glass back and apply ClearShield to ensure years of Non-Stick, Easy to Clean Glass"  

Great for Balustrades and Pool Fences. 



Glass Protection and Restoration Treatment.

...For Non-Stick, Easy to Clean Glass.


Resists staining...

Maintaining visibility, clarity and appearance, saving time and effort.


Easier to clean and keep clean...

Saving time and effort.


Doesn't support adhesion or growth of bacteria...

For a more hygienic environment.


Safe and easy methods of application...

Safer in your home.


30 Years

Developed back in 1981 and has over 30 years of field experience and proven results in almost every imaginable environment.


10 Year Warranty

For Residential and Commercial windows, Balustrade, Shower and Splashback glass.


2 Year Warranty

For Marine and Vehicle glass, Ceramic Stove Tops and Glass Oven Doors.





When applied to your New Glass or Existing Glass by us, you will have easy to clean glass for years to come.   Your existing glass will usually need to be restored back to ensure all impurities are removed before the ClearShield can be applied.

ClearShield is ideal for all exterior glass including Residential and Commercial Windows and Glass Balustrades along with Marine and Vehicle glass.

ClearShield is also ideal for interior glass including glass shower panels and glass splashbacks.

When you have ClearShield applied to your glass you will receive easy cleaning instructions, an aftercare product, warranty and the experience, proven reliability and proven results in almost every imaginable environment since 1981.




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The Problem: Glass Corrosion.

Just as metal rusts, glass suffers corrosion. This is caused by exposure to its environment as well as the physical and chemical properties of glass.

While glass may look smooth, it actually consists of microscopic peaks and valleys.

Contaminants fill these valleys and chemically react with the glass, firmly bonding to the surface.

Left untreated, these conditions can permanently damage the glass.


The Solution: ClearShield.

ClearShield Low-Maintenance / Easy Clean Glass prevent contaminants from bonding to the surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack.

Glass can be kept looking like new and easy to clean using normal cleaning methods.

ClearShield forms a strong, multi molecular bond on the surface of the glass. This unique polymeric resin provides years of proven protection. ClearShield creates Low-Maintenance / Easy Clean Glass.


The ClearShield System

Is specifically developed for protecting and maintaining glass surfaces and provides unique solutions for glass renovation, protection and maintenance, and is the winner of numerous industry awards.

ClearShield system was developed back in 1981 and has over 30 years of field experience and proven results in almost every imaginable environment.

ClearShield Technologies is the pioneer and market leader in Low-Maintenance / Easy Clean Glass.

ClearShield, the protective element in the System, is a unique polymeric resin which works like ’non-stick’ cookware onto glass surfaces.


Clearshield Uses

ClearShield can be used on any flat glass surface including Shower Screens, Splashbacks, Mirrors, Window glass,  Decorative Glass, Sand Blasted Glass, Oven Door glass, Balustrades, Pool Fences, Vehicle Windscreens, Solar Panels, Marine Glass and can even be applied to Ceramic Hobs.


Application Method: ClearShield.

ClearShield is a non-hazardous liquid that is safely and easily applied in your home by our licensed applicator onto new or existing glass and is applied using hand application pads or on larger external jobs spray equipment can be used.



Frequently asked questions.

Read our frequently asked questions regarding the ClearShield glass treatment.


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